Preparing to take the GMAT in 2010

I decided today that I am going to take the GMAT in October of 2010. It’s too early to even sign up for a test date, but I’m going to start studying for the test. Worst case scenerio I decide to retake the GRE instead and my math skills have improved, or I end up in a job I love and I have no reason to go to grad school right now or ever, and I know a bit more about grammar and Algebra II.

But where do I start? I made a very strict study plan for the GREs (noting how many new words I needed to learn each day) and that lasted about a week before I threw myself off. With the GMAT, there is no date I “need” to take it, but I’d like to aim for October because that should be enough time to study — really study — without waiting too long that I’ll just procrastinate and not study at all.

I’m not a smart person. But I’d like to see if it’s possible to do well on a formulaic test without a high IQ.

Have you ever taken the GMAT? What study advice do you have?

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3 thoughts on “Preparing to take the GMAT in 2010”

  1. Ahhh the GMAT. When I was studying for it I referred to it as The Beast. I took it 2x (and have known some people who've taken it 3x), so my suggestions are to be prepared to take it 2x. I was WAY less nervous the second time around.If you can afford it, I'd suggest a prep class ($1K-$1.5K). Then go through the Official Guides. Make sure you understand each question and answer (and all the wrong choices as well). A good prep class will teach you HOW to study, but the actual studying is still up to you. I'd say slow & steady wins the race – try to study for 1 hr – 3 hours a day, but broken up into chunks. Take 4-5 GMATPrep practice tests (under realistic time schedule) before you take the real thing. Good luck!

  2. I was 3 years out of college and JUST had my second baby when I decided to go for the masters degree (in 2002). FSU told me that if I could take the GMAT in 2 weeks and score a 520, I'd be in for the fall semester. So I used the GMAT website, studied and took the practice tests offered there, and took the exam at the end of the two weeks. I was fortunate in that I have a math brain, so I could fairly easily recall much of the math I thought I had forgotten. And I had been taking weekly grammar quizzes at the newspaper where I had worked for the 3 years before. I didn't buy any prep material, just used what was on the website. I took the exam, got my score – a 640, and then went straight home to pump my boobs b/c I was about to explode! (did I mention I was still on maternity leave and breastfeeding? I was in PAIN during the whole last hour of that exam!)When FSU admissions received my score, they called me and offered me a fellowship (fully paid tuition plus an "allowance" if I agreed to put in some extra hours doing research and/or tutoring/teaching an undergrad class) if I would sign up to be a full time student. But unfortunately that was not an option for me 🙁 That allowance was but a fraction of my salary at my full time job, which I needed to support my family of 4 (husband was a stay at home dad).Just do it – tell yourself you will succeed, and you WILL succeed! Good luck!

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