Lending Club: All My Deliquents

I’m back in the positive on Lending Club! That really isn’t that exciting, given I had high hopes for my Lending Club loans. I have 20 loans out at $25 per loan. Thus far one of them has been “Charged off” and 1 is “31 to 120 days late.”

So of $500, $50 or 10% of my original loan is gone, just due to two defaults (the late one is going to default, I’m not going to delude myself.)

The charged off note was a C rating, the only C rating I invested in on Lending Club because I wanted that 13.47% interest rate. The loan that’s 31-120 days late was an “A” rating, though, with a 9.63% interest rate. It looks like on that one I’m still owed $20.70 which I will never see again.

I always liked the “idea” of P2P sites like Prosper and Lending Club but my experience on both of them has not been that great. I’ve pretty much lost money on both. I’ve been careful with my Lending Club account, only investing in “A” ratings except a random B or C when I feel inspired to lose my money. But as my A rated late account proves, even an A rating doesn’t guarantee a return.

My net annualized return on Lending Club right now is a whopping .72%
That’s beating my Prosper account which I’ve all but given up on.

Apparently I’m under performing on Lending Club:

Have you used Propser or Lending Club? What is your return rate these days?

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3 thoughts on “Lending Club: All My Deliquents”

  1. I've only been doing lending club for about 4-5 months, and so far all of my loans are current and i'm getting a return of 11.17%. of course all my loans are A or B rated, and i've only got $150 invested right now. The more you lend i suppose the more chance you have of defaults.

  2. I'm just new to lending club. I invested $1K last week and spread it amongst many loans @ about $25 ea. Mostly between B and C rated loans. It's too early for me to see any results of course. However, I'm wondering how to get a cool graph chart like yours displayed. Can you guide me please? Many thanks in advance, and best wishes to all of us who are testing the waters @ LC. If it works out, I might invest more in the next few months. Rgeards, Tim

  3. @Tim the chart is from Lending Club. They have a bunch you can see once you start getting paid back for your loans.

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