Why "Her Every Cent Counts?"

Over the years, a few people have asked me why I named my blog “Her Every Cent Counts.” Many of them commented on how I, unlike many personal finance bloggers, have money to spare, and even admit to how I like to spend it – so then why does my every cent count?

When I originally started this blog, I was practically unemployed, fresh out of college, and terrified of money. I was scared to save it and I was scared to spend it. One of the most basic concepts I wanted to constantly remind myself is that every cent counts. That is, every dollar I spend today is a dollar I won’t have tomorrow.

Generally speaking, I still believe that, and still need to be reminded of it on a constant basis. I’m not rich now by any means. I make a solid middle class salary for someone my age and can afford a few splurges once or twice a year. I’m not literally counting my pennies, struggling to survive. Sorry if you thought that is what this blog is about based on the name.

This blog, instead, is a place to talk about developing a healthy relationship with spending. I grew up in a family where money was always an issue, my mom spent too much, my dad screamed at her because of it. I want to take control of my finances now, earn my own money. I never want to rely on someone else to pay for my life or lifestyle. It’s all up to me, and this blog exists to document my journey from college grad circa 2005 to wherever life leads me. All anonymously, of course. Because who can talk personal finance amongst friends?

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