Top 100 Female Personal Finance Bloggers 2009

Over the past few years, as a personal finance blogger, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the other main bloggers writing on the topic of personal finance. In fact, it was a random search leading me to a post on An English Major’s Money that inspired me to start blogging about finance in the first place. There have been lists compiled of the best PF bloggers, but never a good, recent one of the list of the best female personal finance bloggers. So, I decided to change that here.

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***list has been edited because I accidentally included two males bloggers the first go round. So I need 2 more female personal finance bloggers to add to the list. Any suggestions? Please post as a comment and I’ll update.

1. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet: the ongoing chronicle of a single 30-something Bostonian
2. Mrs. Micah: Finance for a Freelance Life: a 20 something freelancer planning for grad school
3. The Digerati Life: Money and Personal Finance Blog in Silicon Valley
4. Well-Heeled With a Mission: PF Nerd, shoe aficionada, food lover…
5. Tips and tricks to save money, manage credit and reduce debt
6. Krystal at Work: a journey out of debt into the sexy world of financial independence
7. Frugal for Life: Send less. Waste less. Save more.
8. Saving 4 Later: Day to day spending, saving and living.
9. Chief Family Officer: Find tips of food, finances, and fulfillment
10. Penny Foolish: the life of a girl bad with the pennies
11. My Open Wallet: An New York tells the world how much money she earns, spends and saves
12. Fabulously Broke in the City: Trying to find balance between being a Shopaholic & Saver
13. Little Miss Money Bags: a 20-something living in NYC working in publishing

14. Almost Frugal: learning about frugality
15. Beach Girl’s Budget Blog: DC-based blogger paying off law school debts
16. Brown Eyed Girl and Money: a Canadian girl working hard for her money
17. Brunette on a Budget: 27 year old writer / journalist living in DC
18. SF Money Musings: 20-something girl in San Francisco on the road to happiness
19. Blogging Away Debt: female construction worker seeking to pay of debts
20. Counting My Pennies: a blog about saving for the future and spending today
21. Dog Ate My Finances: 20-something, debt-free, married and laid off
22. Feminist Finance: Sex, Gender, Cash.
23. Frugal Babe: A rich life without a lot of money
24. The Frugal Duchess: a finance journalist with fine tastes and a small budget
25. Cents to Save: Saving money is enjoyable
26. Ginger Won’t Snap: 20-something gal on personal finance
27. Frugal Zeitgeist: Money, saving, personal finance, and being happy with what you have
28. Grad Money Matters: Filling up the holes left behind by the grad curriculum
29. Living Almost Large: a 30-something women searching for true financial freedom
30. Gluten Free Frugal: a family with gluten-free kids’s quest to pay off debt
31. Stinkykat’s PF Blog: 30-something’s journey to happy spinsterdom
32. Mrs. Nespy’s Frugal World: Georgia-based mother and engineer
33. Mapgirls’ Fiscal Challenge: Tidbits about money and finance
34. Living Off Dividends: Make your money work hard, so you don’t have to
35. Poorer than You: Money issue massage s for college students and 20-somethings
36. FruGal: A FruGal’s musings on money…
37. MoneyMate Kate: tales of a self employed therapist in NYC
38. The Frugalista Files: The frugal side of fabulous (Miami Herald)
39. Sallie’s Niece: paying back college debt
40. Stacking Pennies: 20-something L.A. gal navigating the perplexing world of PF
41. Miss Thrifty Blog: Saving money with frugal tips
42. Single Broke Female: incessant ramblings of an indebted single 20 something
44. Shopaholly: her shopping ban is finally over
45. QuarterLife Finances: just a girl in the world, taking charge of her life
46. Paranoid Asteroid: mid-20s female engineer, married, blogging about saving
47. The Baglady: a “secret baglady” 20-something managing money like she’s about to retire
48. Money Magpie: For a richer life
49. The World of Wealth: a blog about wealth-getting it, having it, and sharing it.
50. A Gai Shan Life: Continuous improvement: in life, in finances
51. One Frugal Girl: a married girl keeping things frugal
52: GRACEful retirement: single mom, aged 60, getting a late start on retirement
53. Debt Free Kid: 30 something Canadian, single mom, seeking to get rid of debt by 2010
54. Frugal Chick: misadventures in life, one cloth napkin and penny at a time
55. You Have More Than You Think: A reality check to financial freedom
56. Musings of a Midlife Mom: trying to stay free of debt and to live simply, raising 4 kids
57. 2 Nickels Making a Dollar: making money online
58. Amelia’s Health Life: Exploring intuitive eating and personal finance
59. Seattle Girl: Adventures in Life and Finance
60. Berry Makes Cents: one girl’s journey to pay off student loan debt by making money online
61. Carrie… On the Cheap: A Personal Finance Lover in Kansas City
62. Reconciling My Gross Habits: Champagne Taste meets beer budget
63. Reality Cheque: reclaiming her emaciated dreams of financial freedom
64. The Budgeting Babe: Illinois-based 29-year old PR professional
65. My Crazy Debt: Blog about life and getting out of debt
66. Don’t Mess with Taxes: Texas journalist helps explain how taxes effect you
67. Savvy Saver: Making smart money decisions
68. Common Sense with Money: Better Living Through Wiser Spending
69. CalGirlFinance: 20 something’s journey to being free from the corporate world
70. Manisha Thakor, CFA: blog of an author, speaker, and financial literary advocate
71. The Grocery Cart Challenge: feeding a family on $60 a week
72. Living on a Dime: Making the most of what you have
73. All Doors Considered: tales of a middle-aged multimillionaire
74. Ugly Debty: one girl’s journey to freedom from an evil amount of personal debt
75. Saving Veronica: A debt blog of a single 40-something
76. Debt Hater: She’s gotten out of debt, now on to her dreams
77. Money Saving Mom: Helping you be a better home economist
78. No More Spending: Getting debt free
79. Notes from the Frugal Trenches: A Downshifting Journey
80. Squawkfox: Where frugal living is sexy, delicious, and fun.
81. The Hustle of Sistah Ant: Woman in debt in her late 20s living in Philadelphia
82. Bouncing Back from Bankruptcy: Going through bankruptcy and reclaiming her life
83. Fighting Foreclosure: her goal to fight foreclosure by earning $900 more per month
84. Modern Gal: Healthy living without breaking the bank
85. The value of money is that with it you can tell anyone to go to hell.
86. Moneymonk: 34 year old Capitalist saving 30% of her gross income
87. Bargain Briana: Because bargains don’t find themselves
88. Fabulous Financials: 30 something single mom building a $MM net worth
89. Alpha Consumer: Kimberly Palmer writes about PF (from U.S. News & World Report)
90. The Grass is Greener: a mother or two that is in debt no more
91. Little Miss Fortune: Living Large on a Budget (@Glamour)
92. plonkee money: an english-er’s thoughts on personal finance
93. All About Appearances: high class, low cost.
94. The Mother Load: The blog
95. Penny Golightly: the guide to the nicer things in life for less
96. Savings not Shoes: a blog about not spending your life savings on Manolos
97. Saving to Pay Down My Home: (formerly Saving For a Home) 20-something grad student paying for a condo
98. My Frugal Freedom: a girl, a cat, a stationary RV, and a frugal dream
99. Paying Off My Future: Working a little harder now to play a little harder later
100. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds: Breaking financial ceilings one stiletto at at time

Runners Up…
(Because not everyone can make the top 100, but there are a lot of great female personal finance writers out there. These are definitely worth a read too! Next year I’m going to try to have a reader vote for the best female personal finance blogs because they’re all so good and it’s hard to rank ’em on my own.)

** Her Every Cent Counts (yes, I’m female, and I’m all about shameless self promotion)
** Mrs. Accountability @ Out of Debt Again
** Me in Millions
** Always the Planner
** Daria @ Daily Money Dish
** Jessica @ PennyWise Family
** Lucia @ Money Strands
Any others I’m missing? Please comment on this post if you are a female personal finance blogger or know of any that should be on the list. There are some older lists floating around on the Interwebs, but many are out of date and include bloggers that haven’t updated since 2007! All of the authors on this list have updated after July 2009, with most updating even more recently than that.

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53 thoughts on “Top 100 Female Personal Finance Bloggers 2009”

  1. Thank you for including me. Your list is comprehensive, so comprehenshive that it includes two men. They both have female staff writers, but you might want to point that out. 🙂 Five Cent Nickel is defintely a man. At least that's what he told me when I met him in person. Debt Kid was also started by a man, but he's brought on a few other bloggers (male and female). Perhaps a little asterisk is a good way to go?I miss English Major Money. Do you?

  2. I knew I was going to get a few wrong! Grr. Ok, adjusting the list. Do you have any advice for two more I should add? I know I read posts on both of them by women, but I'm trying to include women-only single-author blogs.

    I miss English Major's Money too!

  3. re: "Debt Kid" do you mean "Debt Free Kid" because their profile states they are a "thirty-something, Canadian, single Mom to a three year old. Inspired by my little guy and a wealth of PF (personal finance) information on the www, I am doing what I can to eliminate my twenty thousand dollar consumer debt by the end of 2010. It's time to welcome wellness into our lives." Or is someone else named Debt Kid on this list? I took Five Cent Nickel off. Will save him for a list of the top 100 male PF bloggers when I get around to it.

  4. Uhh, thanks for inadvertently adding me? I am also a PF blogger that has been around for a while but you didn't mention me, you had the other Ginger (Girls Just Want to Have Funds) on here, but using my link…I'm Ginger from

  5. @Ginger — oops, I meant to add both of you and got it mixed up. That's what I get for putting this together at 3am. 🙂 I'll fix!

  6. Thanks for including me in your top 100 Female bloggers list. I see there are a few on here that I am not subscribed to so I better get clicking!!!!

  7. Daria Dolan is always fun to read (love her rants!). She writes DailyMoneyDish @ husband Ken writes there too, but we shouldn't hold that against her!)

  8. Thanks for adding me to the list!English Major's Money was the first real blog I started reading too! I miss her bunches.

  9. Thanks for including me on your list! This is handy to have actually, great way to find other blogs I don't already know about. 🙂

  10. Any legit female personal finance blogger who adds their link to this post will be listed in the "runners up" section after the top 100, for reference purposes (and next year you may move up the list!)Also, if you are a female personal finance blogger writing for a mixed gender blog (ie five cent nickel) I'll add a section for that too at the end.

  11. I must have seen 'Debt Free Kid' and read it as 'Debt Kid'. You should definitely add Moneyapolis. Her blog is new, but it's actually a continuation of a different PF blog she had.

  12. I'm a little late. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for including me in your Top 100. Looks like you have a lot of interesting stuff here. Glad your blog is on my radar now.

  13. I am surprised I didn't see Frugal Dreamer or The Frugal Girl on this list. Or Northern Living Allowance. They are some of my favorites.

  14. Oh, and I'd love to be included on the "runner-up" list. Thanks for putting all of that together! I'm SO going to have to update my blog roll now! =D

  15. What a great list! Lots of my favorites included. I'd appreciate if you'd visit my blog and maybe some day I can get to runner-up status (if not on the list).

  16. Excellent post! I wasn't aware there was an updated 2009 post of women PF bloggers. I was going through the 2008 list that Wisebread had and was finding all the blogs that were still active.

  17. Thanks very much for the mention and all the best with your blog and your financial plans! I second the inclusion of The Lean Times too, she's full of good ideas.

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