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I’ve never enjoyed running. To be honest, I never liked anything to do with jogging or walking long distances. But lately I’ve been focusing on getting in shape. I already belong to a gym, but running on the treadmill is so… yawn inducing. I desperately need either socializing or a beat to be motivated to burn some calories.

So last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Nike RunClub at the nearby mall. It’s actually a really awesome program. It’s totally free which, granted, makes sense since you just run outside which costs them nothing, but you get more than just the outdoors for your 8:30am Sunday morning run. They have a few people there to lead the groups – I went with the slower group. We ran/jogged 4 miles and probably walked another (she didn’t count our walking part of our route which we did on and off in between jogging.) Just having someone there to talk to the entire time made running SO much better. And when we got back to the Nike store, they had fruit and water for us to. All free. Amazing.

Apparently lots of running stores have similar run clubs, at least around here. Some of them are more for advanced runners, but it depends on who shows up for the meeting. In a 30 minute drive from my house there’s at least 3 of these clubs throughout the week. If I ever get more in shape, maybe I’ll go running with the other groups. For now I’ll stick to the Nike RunClub. They even log your miles and give you a free t-shirt when you reach 100 miles total.

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2 thoughts on “Free, Social Exercise”

  1. Yes! I also have joined a running group at a local running store that has free runs each Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. It definitely helps going with someone else!

  2. My sister and I have this theory about running. We think that people who start running later in life stick with it better. We both ran track/cross country in high school and associate running with being this stressful, competitive thing. I'd love to be able to run more regularly and do races, but it brings back all of the race anxiety I felt in high school. The whole "the team is counting on you" thing. Ugh! I'll stick to yoga.

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