When to Get My Hair Cut

My hair is growing. It’s longer than it has ever been (as in, my mom never let it get this long as a kid with my trim every 6 weeks, so I just assumed it couldn’t grow past my shoulders). I like having it long, my boyfriend likes it long, but at some point it needs to be cut. I can’t figure out if I’m imagining these dead ends or not, but I’m getting to the point where I want to go get my $60 hair cut and be done with it.

Last time I posted about hair cutting costs – The Cost of Having Pretty Hair, I got quite a bit of feedback. Everyone debated whether that six week trim was worth it. For me, I tend to do a 20ish week trim. I try to get my overpriced hair cut twice a year to keep my mane in check. As a professional woman, I wonder if that is enough. Or do I look dowdy?

Given that my goal is to save $20k this year, every cent does count. If I can pick up a few more side projects I could offset the cost of a hair cut, easy. But I’m still already behind in my $20k quest. Makes me want to shave off my hair entirely.

So, ladies, how often is too long to go without a hair cut?

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5 thoughts on “When to Get My Hair Cut”

  1. Depends on your hairstyle. My hair's long and curly, so I get it cut about 3-4 times a year. But I also don't use heat on it, so my ends stay nice for a long time.

  2. I forget to even head to the hairdresser and luckily my hair is low maintenance.. so for me, 6 months is the max. 🙂

  3. Totally depends on the hairstyle I have. With short cuts, the 6 week trim is totally worth it and needed. Mid length cuts I tend to go a bit longer between cuts, only going when the cut loses it's shape or looks straggly – maybe every 12 weeks? When it's long I only go when the ends are looking bad or I want a few layers or something – maybe twice a year? If your ends are bad, get them trimmed. If they look fine, let it go.

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