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Hey Her Every Cent Count readers… I just wanted to let you all know that I recently purchased the domain name ” ” – my personal finance blog reader will be moving there shortly (not – this is the blog that you can find by clicking “PFBlogs” in the tab at the top-right of this page.

Thanks to all of you who requested to be added to the feed. The idea of it is that you can find the latest posts from your favorite (and the best) personal finance bloggers, or just get a quick summary of all the posts written that day and decide which ones to read.

I use this to keep track of my favorite PF blogs. There was a little bug with blogger that removed the blogs I had on the page when I purchased a domain name for the blog, so I apologize if I added you and now you’re missing again. I’ll be fixing that asap.

I’m still open to adding blogs, so if you didn’t leave me a note in my last post and want to be added, just leave a comment with your blog link. As long as you’re not a spammer and you have a good personal finance blog, I’ll add it. 🙂

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