Stolen Car Registration Sticker Cost me $40!

First off, I’m really sorry I am so awful at updating this blog. I try to update my tweets more often because it’s easier to write 140 words than a blog entry. Still, this blog needs some TLC. And I also am trying to figure out what happened to because I paid for the domain through blogger and it isn’t working.

Anyway, the topic of my post today is how ridiculous it is that you are required to pay for a new registration sticker when it gets stolen from your car. Not only that, but if you get a ticket for it you’re required to pay that too. I admit it was my fault that I got two tickets for it (I didn’t have time to go to the DMV for a week and then I got another one) but still… my car was registered, so it’s obvious that I had the sticker.

Finally went to the DMV and that took forever and a day. Had to pay $18 for a new sticker. Lame. Now I have to pay $20 for the two fix-it tickets.

I’ve heard that you should cut your sticker w/ a razor to prevent people from stealing it. So I’ll be doing that soon.

I actually got pulled over for having an expired sticker but the cop was nice about it. I told him my registration sticker was stolen and he said that’s been happening a lot lately with the economy and all. He gave me the same “cut it with a razor” advice, and no ticket from him, but… if it’s happening a lot, then why make people pay for someone else’s crime. Come on.

Well, here’s my charity for the year. I’ve paid the CA government over $500 in various ticket fees, including these, thus far in 2009! I’m a good citizen.

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5 thoughts on “Stolen Car Registration Sticker Cost me $40!”

  1. Thats odd, I'm surprised they're not pre-cut. I ive in TX and both the registration as well as the safety inspection stickers are pre-cut to avoid fraud. I can't imagine that this is difficult for the DMV to do.

  2. Ours in Canada are pre-cut too… So it's harder to rip off.Exacto-knife it next time! It DOES suck you have to pay again, but I guess it's for the actual cost of the sticker? But the tag seems high. Should give you a discount of $10 or something

  3. Considering how badly the economy is in California, I'm not surprised the DMV charges for another sticker. But if you could prove that it was stolen via a police report, I wonder if they still charge?

  4. Oy that stinks! I narrowly avoided having to pay for a lost registration sticker (thanks to my own carelessness), I'd better go slash the one on my car to make sure it stays put.

  5. I just has this happen to me and when I called the police about making a report, they told me that they will only take one for a stolen plate, not sticker. And of course since this wonderful state we live in is having a government induced fiscal emergency, the DMV wasn't open on Friday and I have to wait until tomorrow to go there. Fabulous!

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