4 in 10 Americans Don’t Know When They’ll Retire

With a mix of a morbid stock market and American’s not understanding just how much money is needed for retirement, the country is filled with people who may never get to enjoy a retirement.

A study that came out today from ING Direct reports that 40% of Americans expect to retire much later on or not at all. Americans will be chained to their jobs longer than ever before just to keep up with their bills and ensure food is on the kitchen table. The survey results also noted that over 60 percent of Americans are significantly more concerned about saving enough money for retirement and having the right type of retirement plan than they were six months ago.

Some other interesting stats from the survey:

· Nearly half of all Americans (47 percent) have “no clue” how much money they need to retire;

· Despite nearly two years of economic turmoil, 65 percent of Americans have not adjusted their retirement investments;

· One in five Americans (19 percent) are still banking on Social Security to be their main source of retirement income; and

· One-fifth (21 percent) of Americans are contributing less to retirement than they were last year

This is pretty scary stuff. The only thing that I go on is that retirement is maybe not a necessity. Well, at some point when I can no longer move or think I’ll want to retire, but I hope I’m well into my 80s at that point. I enjoy working, and can’t imagine enjoying retirement. I’d be bored silly. Maybe my mind will change by then, but still — my biggest fear is not having enough money to take longer vacations and travel in between being professionally productive. I’m definitely not banking on social security to be my main source of retirement income.

The national online survey of 1,223 adults was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of ING DIRECT between February 18-19, 2009.

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  1. I'm in my 60s and can't imagine retiring, but my life has taken a different turn. At 47, my late husband and I sold everything and began full-time RVing. We had to work to support ourselves. We found there is all sorts of work on the road when you travel in an RV. We chose to work in national parks as seasonal workers – the pay was good and we worked in some awesome places. I ended up writing a book on the topic and now write and sell books and articles and do Web work. Great to think ahead – and also be open to what the future brings. Jaimie Hall Bruzenakauthor of Support Your RV Lifestyle!An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road

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