5 Free Food Offers in the Bad Economy

My sister apparently got detention with 3/4ths of her senior class for coming to school late today to get free pancakes at iHop. While that deal’s offer, you can still take advantage of the free food deals popping up at restaurants and fast food joints across the country.

Some are country wide offers and others are local, here are 10 free food offers across the US to take advantage of during this nasty recession.

1. Free Sub — USA

Get a free sub from Quiznos; all you have do to is sign up for their mailing list and print a coupon.

See: Quiznos(R) to Give Away One Million Subs on MillionSubs.com

2. Lunch for Layoffs — Alabama

Recently got laid off? Hungry? All you have to do to qualify is bring with you proof that you were recently laid off and you’ll be provided with a free lunch at Dothan restaurant in Alabama. Nick Nitkowski, owner of D’Monico’s said, “We are going to make sure they get a good hot meal, something to drink, bread and pats on the back and to let them know things will be better in the near future.” Domonico’s serves lunch from 11 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

3. Economic Stimulus Package – California, Iowa, and Other Locales

Salt Creek Grille – Dana Point’s premiere dining destination – has created the Salt Creek Grille Economic Stimulus Package – a bailout plan that offers a random free meal to unsuspecting customers, a reduced-price award-winning Sunday brunch and special discounts during the week. In Iowa, Islamorada Fish Co.’s restaurant owner has a similar “surprise free meal” plan to lure in customers.

4. Free Buffet – New York

Union Restaurant and Bar Latino in Haverstraw, New York, will open their doors to serve complimentary buffet meals from Monday to Wednesday. Owners of Union Restaurant and Bar Latino, David Martinez and Paulo Feteira, said they decided to hold the event to welcome those who can’t afford to dine in a nice restaurant because of the current financial crisis.

5. Free Spaghetti USA

Fazoli’s, known for fast, fresh Italian food, kicks off its 20th anniversary celebration today with a feast of special offers, including a continuation of its popular free spaghetti promotion and nearly a dozen delectable new menu items, all of which are now baked fresh to order.

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  1. Ok, that's just nice. They don't have to do it but they do. I like it. I happen to live in Europe and there's not a Quizno's here but, hey, if KFC ever decides to there's one around the corner from here! Anyway, I hope the good will leads people to pay it forward in their own ways. That will be our only insurance to keep our collective heads up during this downturn.Jerry http://www.leads4insurance.com

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