To Couch or Not To Couch

My roommates and I get along really well, but one area of tension is that of a couch purchase. The three of us all agree that we should get a couch, but the question of how to get it and how much to spend on it are up for negotiation.

We’ve been living in our nice apartment for the past seven months and never had a problem finding a seat – because we have about 13 chairs of various sizes sprawled across our living room and dining room area. But it looks, howdoyousay, ghetto. And not even ghetto fabulous.
For me, I’m fine with just chairs. Then again, I’m fine with a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor about 2 feet high. My roommates are birds of a different feather. Well, one is planning to buy a fairly nice new couch at some point in the future, and the other wants a couch now, and is willing to buy one used, but she’s picky in terms of its quality. Me? I say lets get one for free off Craigslist and put some fabric over it and call it a day.
I’m pretty adamant about not going in on a couch together (that will cause a lot of unecessary drama) and I don’t want to buy one on my own because I’m probably going to move in a year or two. The other roommates both are willing to buy a couch, but neither can agree on when or what to buy. I kind of feel bad that I’m not willing buy a couch, but it would be silly to spend money on a couch when I’ll be moving who knows where in a few years. I already own a bed, a coffee table and bookshelf.
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2 thoughts on “To Couch or Not To Couch”

  1. I don't understand why they're not willing to even consider a free Craigslist sofa. Sure, it'll be used and probably not gorgeous. But you could cover it with a nice, thick blanket and be done with it. Save the decorator items for when you get your own places. This is just a place to sit for now.I just had to pipe up that you are right and they are wrong. 🙂

  2. I say, let them get whatever couch they feel like, so long as you get to use it. or, as anonymous pointed out, you could just get a free couch and let them choose a nice cover for it.

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