4 thoughts on “PPO versus HSA: A welcome decision”

  1. I thought my company's HSA was a good idea until I had emergency surgery. As a result, I ended up paying my maximum out of pocket expense. While it wasn't the end of the world, it was an unhappy surprise.

  2. Congrats on the promotion!I don't have a 401K either. ARGH. It really frustrates me to how much gets eaten up by taxes. Aside from the Roth, I really can't think of anything that will let you defer W2 earnings. If there is… I haven't figured it out. As for the PPO vs. HSA, I have a PPO and I love it. I'd vote for the PPO – if you have a major illness, you'll be glad for the flexibility and wider range of options that I think a PPO offers. Your new site design looks great, btw. Did you do it yourself? I've been trying to learn some web skills.

  3. anonymous: Yea, that's always a concern. It's a good idea unless you have to use it.wellheeled: that sucks about there being no way to defer taxes on income if your company doesn't have a 401(k). That's so lame.I'm leaning towards the HSA so I can save more for retirement, but the PPO would be nice for convenience. Need to research costs of both more.Thanks about the site design. I did do it myself. It's not 100% done yet. Still futzing around with it. Blogger is pretty easy to set up. I want to try out wordpress next.

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