New Years Eve

Half the world is out partying tonight, but I’m staying in. Tonight is the night when restaurants, hotels and nightclubs charge an exorbitant amount to partake in what they do what they do every other night. I just can’t justify spending $100+ for one evening just to get into a club, let alone $300 or more.

Then again, part of me wishes I lived the lifestyle where that was my life. Where I could spend $300 for a night out just because it’s an arbitrary day of the year that’s a big holiday. To get dressed up and look hot and go dancing and get drunk and count down to New Years with a bunch of other drunk people who also spent too much on their evening.

What I really want to do is start a movement to celebrate all holidays the day after. Yea, I’ll call it the DAY AFTER movement. You celebrate all holidays one day after so your holidays don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Just think of how much you’d save doing Christmas the day after w/ all those sales. And you could enjoy a nice New Years out without being charged a small fortune for it.

Do/did any of you go out to celebrate New Years? How much did you spend?

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2 thoughts on “New Years Eve”

  1. We stayed in and had a dinner party for 12 people, yikes. We spent $200 on food and beer but we have so much leftover and would definitely have spent a comparable amount for just the two of us at a bar. Trust me though, I've done the $200 New Year's Eve in NYC and elsewhere – so not worth it. The "food" they promise is just veggies and dip and it's gone in an hour. The "open bar" means you are shoving you way past hundreds of people and can hardly get one drink all night. I prefer staying home and watching the ball drop.Happy New Year!

  2. My mom and I stayed at home and watched the balldrop on New Years…..We had a quart of eggnog, andI finished the dregs of a bottle of Cutty Sarkwhiskey in MY eggnog, Mom had hers plain :DWe just watched the folks on TV gettingfrostbitten noses and trying to get Carson Dalyto notice them. (Oh, for the days ofGuy Lombardo….cue sound effect "old man cackle")

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