Job Worries

My company has let go every contractor except for me. That’s the good news. I feel proud of the work I’ve done for the company in the year and some odd months that I’ve been there, and hope that my contribution to the company is as apparent to my bosses as it is to my other colleagues.

After 14 months at the company, I’m hoping to be hired full time. I was originally hired on to write content, but I quickly moved into a larger community manager position. With this growth came an increase in hours and responsibility. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to proactively market the company because we’re pre-launch, but I have made significant contributions to viral growth of our community.
At this point, whether I get hired full time or not seems to be based more on the economy than my performance. I’m not sure if I should start looking elsewhere – I don’t want to leave this job and I’m dedicated to our growing community. But I also don’t want to be left hanging when they decide that they’d rather spend the community management budget, instead, on another engineer. I’m a little scared.
In this past year I’ve seen plenty of job posts, but have only applied for one other position — a similar community management role at a startup – this one in the personal finance space. Sadly my 14 months of community management experience at a pre-launch startup with a community of less than 10k just isn’t what they’re looking for. I applied for this position when I was unsure if my contract would be extended last time. Luckily, it was extended and I still have a job.  Will that be the case in a few weeks?
In any case, I feel confident in my community management and marketing skills, and worst case scenario I look for another community management job that requires less experience.
Hopefully I won’t have to face this issue anytime soon.
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