Sex: Who Pays?

Whether you’re all about the one night fling, a long-term relationship, or marriage: the cost of getting jiggy wit’ it isn’t cheap.

Having sex, despite nature’s intention of an affordable entertainment option, isn’t free. Forget about the cost of looking sexy so that you actually have a shot at getting laid. Condoms, birth control pills, diaphragms, dental dams, STD tests, gynecological exams, lube, pregnancy tests, etc are all part of the costs of being sexually active. So who foots the bill?

The Costs of Getting it On:

Birth Control Pills: With health insurance, birth control pills cost $20 – $60 a month. That’s $240 – $720 a year. I’d imagine the woman usually pays for the birth control pill, especially if she’s not in a committed relationship. These costs don’t include any doctor’s visits that are required to get a prescription for the meds. If you’re in the lower class, you can take advantage of Planned Parenthoods cheap and/or free clinic visits and birth control meds… but anyone making minimum wage should expect to have to pay a monthly fee for birth control out of pocket. And that anyone is likely female.

Condoms: Love gloves cost about $.50 to $1.00 a piece. Depending on how often you get some, those costs could add up. If you’re getting lucky 20 times a month (reasonable for a stable, monogomous couple pre-marriage, or a single gal/guy with a little extra time on their hands) this adds up to $10 to $20 a month or $120 – $240 a year. For one night stands or early on in the relationship, guys usually provide the latex coverage. However, later on the girl may have to chip in for the rubbers. (If you really want to go cheap with your condom purchases, check out this dude’s science project on the cheapest way to get condoms in bulk.)

Lube: Ok, so you don’t need lube. But some people prefer it. That’s $10 a tube, give or take a few dollars. Who buys – the man or the woman?

Even if the man pays for condoms, the cost to have sex is far higher for the woman who has to pay for birth control pills, gynocological exams, etc.

Q & you A:

How do you split the costs for lovemaking that come up in your life / relationship? Who should pay for what?

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5 thoughts on “Sex: Who Pays?”

  1. this is the sexiest post EVER! haha…i read it thoroughly from start to finish ;)and i believe you're the first person to have ever correlated money with sex in this way, i'm impressed. did you think it up while mid-action? haha…

  2. I pay for the pills, and BF doesn't ask for parking money. :)I also pay $54 for 3 months not $50/month.. so I guess it helps to be only around $216/year

  3. Birth control pills is an optional form of protection that women are crazy not to be on if they are sexually active. For me, the woman should pay for it. When it comes down to it, either pay for birth control (for me it's $10/month) or pay for (at minimum) 18 years of a child. Umm- I choose the birth control pills!!As for condoms, my friends and I agreed that whosever's house it is should provide the condoms and other required items (lube, sex toys, etc…). I have my stash and I assume if I am sleeping with a man, he should keep his stash at his house. Of course, every relationship is different!! GOOD BLOG!

  4. The woman also bears a huge cost if she happens to get pregnant. If she has the baby she loses momentum in her career, has LOTS more doctor's visits to pay for, and – oh yeah – she has a KID to pay for over the next 18 years. Even if she manages to get child support (and even if she is married to the father), she still foots the largest part of the bill – in most cases, lost earning potential alone is a huge cost. But if you don't get pregnant, the woman still pays more. BC and annual doctor visits far outweigh what guys spend on condoms and the occassional HIV test (if they're even that responsible). In addition, women spend FAR more on trying to attract a mate – hair, clothes, skin, jewelry, and gym costs far more for females to maintain. Men can be considered desirable partners if they are supportive and affectionate – women must be that plus look good (in general of course) to attract a guy. But then again, maybe that's why we let guys pay for dinner. 🙂

  5. Wow, provacative post! Donno if I can post about sex on my site cuz my parents sometimes stop by :)What about the other costs for the man though, such as the $100 candle light dinners, movies, and ski trips? 🙂

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