Mint Launches iPhone App!

When I see an iPhone, I think about that time when I was 4 and I craved a Nintendo game system. I didn’t need it, but I wanted it. I got it for my birthday at some point, but the big difference was that it didn’t require a $70 per month data fee.

Mint – my favorite online finance site – just announced the launch of their brand new iPhone app . So if you have already splurged on an iPhone (or plan to in the near future), the good news is that at least now you can use it to budget for those high data fees.

Their screenshoots look pretty, and pretty much like their website in mini form, so I’m sure the user experience is just at top-notch as the one found at

If you refuse to pay such high data fees and don’t have an iPhone, Mint also lets you text “Balance” to MYMINT to find out what your balances are on the go. I haven’t used that functionality yet, but I’ll have to try it sometime since I’m one of those kids w/ out an iPhone.

They’ve come a long way since their private beta. There are lots of copycat companies these days trying to make a buck in the personal finance website and mobile space. A few new ones on my radar are Rudder (the first actual Mint competitor I’ve seen that’s in the same ballpark), Thrive, and Greensherpa. I haven’t had the time to review any of these fully yet, but I hope too do a detailed update on the personal finance startup space sometime soon.

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