so close to actually getting paid on adsense

I started testing out adsense on my blog a long time ago. Since this blog doesn’t get that much traffic, I assumed I’d never hit the $100 that’s required in order for them to even send a check to me. But I’m… almost there. I’ve made $98 and some cents, and that’s a pretty incredible feat, given that this is just a side project / hobby of mine.

How much have you made via adsense on your blog or website? Do you use a different ad network that offers better results?

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5 thoughts on “so close to actually getting paid on adsense”

  1. Cool. My month's are so up and down. Some months I make, like, 4 cents, and others I make $10. This has taken a long while, I'm excited to make anything off this blog.

  2. yeah, good work for sure! i think i'm getting close to my first $100 too, but who knows…sometimes i forget to look and hope to be surprised one day 😉

  3. i have adsense on my blog, but i have not made like one cent i dont think. I don't think im really doing it right. lol

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