Managing Outsourcing

I was recently assigned the task of managing a team of outsourced workers for a small project at my company. As part of this assignment, I must interview and hire candidates through an online tool that allows me to find a low-cost workforce.

This is my first experience truly managing a project, and also working with offshore help. From a purely financial standpoint, the staff is very cost effective if they follow the instructions and produce quality work. However, I am feeling queasy regarding paying someone $2 an hour. I know in the Philippines and such $2 is worth more than it is here, but I can’t imagine it’s a livable wage.

However, this is the world we live in and in order to keep up in business, I think I must accept that offshore labor is an evil necessity. And my current goal is to keep costs down as much as possible. I feel like a slave driver. I do not like this feeling. But I do like the numbers.

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3 thoughts on “Managing Outsourcing”

  1. i've worked at 2 software companies that previously have hired thai and indian firms to do our QA. In both cases it ended up being too much of a hassle, long nights for whoever had to talk with them, and if specific instructions were not given, and I'm talking very very very specific, they would just do no work for the night, until they got clarification. In the end it was cheap, but not very productive.

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