Is Now a Good Time to Invest?

With the stock market sinking further and further into the depths of despair, I’m tempted to go crazy investing in my Roth IRA index funds. I just put in an extra $400 into this my Roth for this year. I still have $1000 left that I can put in. I don’t really have the money now to invest in it, well I do, sort of, but I’d rather wait a little bit. I know I have a little while to get that extra $1000 in, but given the way the stock market is doing I’m thinking of putting more in now, or at least when my next paycheck comes in. What do you guys think?

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6 thoughts on “Is Now a Good Time to Invest?”

  1. Yes, it's a good time to invest… Invest in Silver & Platinum.This unprecendented bailout being proposed by the federal govt. is going to debase our U.S. Dollar, driving up metal and oil prices.

  2. Yes it's also a great time to invest in art. It always has been a great investment. Just over looked. . I have tried to advise my clients over the years as to the value of collecting art. The one great thing is that there is virtually an investment for every income level. You don’t have to purchase at the top nor do you want to. The key is to find a good artist that is making a career of being an artist, Not a part-timer. Find an artist that is selling and making art that people like and can understand, representational art is a good place to look… Landscapes, Seascapes, Marine art… If you are looking for the right artist take a look at Best of luck in this market looks like the art investment doors just might be opening up like flood gates.

  3. I couldn't tell you where, exactly, to invest, but i CAN tell you that I totally agree that now is the best time to put invest…it may not be the absolute best (i.e. bottom of the market), but there sure are great bargains out there!

  4. I wouldn't put in a lump sum. Divide your $1,000 and invest it over the next few months. This way you can take advantage of dollar cost averaging.

  5. It is definitely a good time to invest. The market may continue to drop (or not go up) for the next 6 months or a year though, so don't dump all your money in at once. I'd add $100 every 2 weeks to your Roth rather than wait till the last minue to max it out. Either way, be sure to max it for 2008 and do it by December if you can (not April, which is the deadline)! You never know what can happen; if Obama is elected he may decide to do away with those tax free accounts or start taxing them, since they primarily benefit the "rich."

  6. I have no idea when to invest, but I have an idea what to invest in. Food. It sounds crazy but I have an explanation. Gas prices keep on rising and it looks like they will never go down. The only fuel right now that will run in most cars on the road is ethanol. Ethanol is primarily made from vegetables, preferably corn. As ethanol production increases, more and more corn will stop going directly to food and will be put into fuel. When other farmers see how much money can be made from corn they will start to grow more of it, thus decreasing food supplies slightly. As a result the supply of food will go down but the demand will of coarse stay the same. I could be wrong, but hey it sounds good.

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