An Update on the Little Big Move

I’m moving out of my apartment. This weekend. I’m kind of unhappy about it. But deep down, and not-so deep down, I know it’s for the best. Spending about $1300 a month on rent, even with utilities included, even with a job that pays me enough where it’s possible, makes no sense at all.

What I need to do is save up for a house. Saving up for a house in this area requires a lot of sacrifice. It might even be logistically impossible. But I want to try.

Next month I’m cutting my “room” costs by staying with a friend. It’s just a temporary thing en route to my new, yet-to-be-determined place. I offered to pay her rent, but the most she’ll accept is $350. She prob should take more, but I said I’d buy her lots of meals so hopefully at some point I won’t feel like I’m jipping her. Add to that about $200 in storage fees, and my monthly rent, at least for July, has been cut in half.

The big question is – how much will I spend on my next real place. There are so many options and – as I’m a bit picky when it comes to (everything) where I live, I find that most of the places I like are going to be pricey. Maybe not the full $1300 my current studio would cost me to stay in, but not far from it.

I’ve seen a few places so far. The only one I liked at all was a small garage-turned-studio in the back of someone’s house, but it was missing one very important thing – a closet. I’ve got too many clothes to live sans closet. Oh, and it didn’t have a stove either. Just a hot plate. But it’s not like I really cook all that often (though I plan to) so I guess I could deal without the stove.

Other than one place I tried to check out yesterday (the guy stood me up, hmmph), I’ve put off looking at places until after I get settled into my friend’s house. I’m looking prob for an Aug 1 move-in now, so most of the places haven’t been posted yet.

I really wish I had enough money for a down payment right now. There are so many houses on the market around here, it’s ridiculous. I went down one street today and within a single block, three houses were for sale. It’s nuts!

But instead I’m going to waste more money on rent for the indeterminate future. It’s not the end of the world. I just feel like now I should be living in some shit hole and spending very little in order to save my pennies. And by shit-hole I mean “nice shit-hole in the good part of town.” Heck, the place I lived in for my first few months here was only $580 a month, utilities included. Of course, I had 3 roommates – 4 if you count the roommates’ boyfriend that lived there practically, and for a while there the gal who was supposed to be providing me with “utilities included” wifi decided she didn’t want to deal with getting it fixed (uh, and I needed it for my job). But that place was in a really nice area. So these things are possible to find. Maybe not at $580 in the renter’s market right now, but maybe something around $800…

I saw one 2br/2ba that was right around the corner from my worth that was going for $850, utilities included. Pretty good deal. The apartment complex had a pool too. But it was kind of run down. And the smell was getting to me.

See, I’m picky.

I can move further south and get something nicer for the same price. If I get a place near the train that’d be ideal. I don’t know if I’d sell my car (what would it be worth now that I’ve banged it up so much driving into inanimate objects?) but I think I’d still save money not paying for gas. It’s at $4.70 a gallon around here. Not driving sounds like a really good plan if I want to save any money at all.

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