Moving: The Latest On My Decision

I’ve decided to move.*

(*”decided” in the dictionary of me = decided for today. That could change tomorrow.)

I don’t want to live in a super-cheap living space, per say, but there are a lot of big-ticket items I want to buy within the next few years (including cosmetic teeth work and a condo), and spending $1300 a month just means that my dream purchases will not be possible.

I looked at a place for about $960 that I like, but it’s a bit out of the way and I feel like if I’m going to move, I might as well try to get something even cheaper than that. I’m not sure how cheap I can go… The $960 place at least has its own bathroom (just a shower, no bath), and anything less than that will undoubtedly be a shared bathroom situation.

There are plenty of random roomshares on Craigslist for about $500-$700, and some of them even include utilities, but the majority of them do not have kitchen “privileges.” I don’t really understand how using a kitchen can be a privilege, it’s not like you’re at college with a cafeteria to eat at. Not that I use my kitchen all that much other than to microwave something, but I still think I ought to get a place with a kitchen.

It’s looking like I’ll just move out at the end of June and look for a place in July. If I do manage to find a place for “cheap” I’m going to really be careful not to overspend throughout the year and instead to really focus on saving. That way I can save up to get my teeth fixed, maybe get some laser hair removal for my face, and finally one day buy a condo.

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6 thoughts on “Moving: The Latest On My Decision”

  1. I agree with you about the kitchen thing — it's so presumptuous to try and block prospective roommates from using the kitchen! The last time I moved I saw a lot of ads on Craigslist that said "No guests, ever!" How do people have the energy to police their roommates like this?

  2. I lived in a no kitchen privileges/no people over sublet for about 6 months – of course, I didn't find out about the "rules" (which only applied to me) until i had moved in already. You've got the right idea – it's NOT worth it. You'll feel like a guest in your own apartment, no matter how long you stay. I seriously think I'd sooner do a shared bathroom situation (though def not ideal) before I'd consider doing that again.

  3. I chose to move into an apt that had cheap rent. It bit me in the butt when my neighbors moved into the apt above me and have been loud ever since. I have complained to the landlord but there isn't much they can do. The noise has lowered some but there are still days that I wish I lived in a nice area with respectful neighbors.

  4. kathy makes a good point!I'm looking for my own place for my big move. I don't think I can afford a one bedroom apt any more, but I think an efficiency will have to do.

  5. i agree with the ladies here – even if you have to get a studio apt, with less space, it's worth having your own apt..If you do get a place with roommates, then make sure the kitchen "priveleges" are included. Are you looking in the peninsula area? Palo Alto has a lot of nice options I tihnk 🙂

  6. "Decide" means the same thing in my "dictionary of me" as it does in yours. Ain't it fun? :PI need to move this year too. It won't be into a cheaper place; my rent for this lease was $360. Any cheaper and I'd be in a shack. I'm almost there now as it is.

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