A Moment Like This

I’ve always dreamed of being the Suze Orman for Generation Y. Unfortunately my somewhat limited knowledge of finance makes me ill suited to be the queen bee of twentysomething spending and saving.

However, this blog and my “persona” in the personal finance community has been getting a decent amount of attention. The latest has been an e-mail from a producer at a local news station that is doing a story about money – and she wants me in the story.

I have a lot to say about personal finance, especially when it comes to educating people my age about saving and smart spending. But I’m nervous that I’ll just come off sounding the fool.

It’s also quite scary, given that I started this blog to have a place to write anonymously about personal finance and now I’m going to be somewhat “outed.” Not that everyone and their mother will be watching this particular broadcast at the specific time the story airs, but someone will see it.

There is a blessing and a curse to writing so honestly. More people want to read when you’re letting your thoughts out raw. It can also get you into more trouble.

I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve written in this blog. But they are things I wouldn’t talk about in public, or with my actual identity attached to them. I kind of like having this anonymous space to rant about all things money and career related.

But… the big but.. is if I ever want to build a name for myself in personal finance, maybe gain enough cred to one day write a book about the subject (which is my goal at this point) then I’m going to have to “out” myself one day.

I’m just amazed at how this little blog has gotten so much attention in such little time. I guess that just attests to how interested people are in money and saving. But looking at the personal finance section in the local Borders could have told me that…

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