March Groceries — $169.90, now on my new Chase Freedom card

My Chase Freedom and American Express Blue Cash cards both arrived in the mail today. While I’m terrified of credit cards, I’ve decided it’s about time to really start building my credit score. I have a bunch of open credit cards and according to a recent credit check I’m in the 730 range, but I still want to up that credit score so one day when I want to buy a house (or condo) I can get a good mortgage rate.

Anyway, I finally gave in and got these two credit cards. I don’t know if they’ll help or hurt my credit score, but I’m going to start spending on them each month and paying off my balances at the end of the month. I’ll only buy what I can afford. Period.

So I went food shopping today. At the “cheaper” (aka non-organic, non fancy) supermarket in town. Safeway. I spent $169.99. I supposedly saved $41.34 on buying things one sale w/ my “club card.” I did spend extra time picking out things on sale.

I went a little overboard on buying spices this month, but I don’t really have any spices and if I’m going to start cooking more, I need some more spices. I tried to buy ones that were on sale! Thank goodness for credit cards.

Without further ado, here’s what I got for that $169.99

$1.39 – Jumbo Taco Shells
$1.11 – Canned Corn
$3.89 – Cooking Spray (non brand Pam)
$3.69 – Paprika (spice)
$3.29 – Bread Cracker Stuff
$3.27 – Spice Island Mustard (spice)
$3.75 – Thyme (spice)
$3.99 – spinach tortellini
$3.99 – three cheese tortellini
$3.73 – garlic powder (spice)
$2.71 – basil (spice)
$3.00 – butternut squash soup
$5.00 – 4 Tuna Salad Lunch
$.99 – plastic spoons
$1.66 – steamed vegetables (frozen)
$5.29 – kashi lime shrimp frozen dinner
$4.99 – liquid egg whites
$2.50 – shredded cheddar cheese
$2.69 – fat free milk
$4.49 – cottage cheese
$2.49 – lowfat yogurt
$5.49 – frozen strawberries
$4.50 – frozen blueberries
$3.49 – frozen quesadillas
$3.00 – frozen veggie bites
$9.00 – three boxes of morningstar frozen meatless buffalo wings
$1.39 – banquet fish stick meal
$6.76 – four cheese and beans burritos (frozen)
$5.00 – two cheese quesadillas (frozen)
$3.99 – a fitness magazine. To inspire me to workout.
$3.39 – bread
$4.00 – frozen fried fish
$2.50 – frozen fish
$2.50 – frozen fish
$5.99 – stuffed salmon frozen
$6.23 – Rockfish Fillet (not frozen)
$3.45 – five kiwis
$2.45 – three sweet potatoes
$2.00 – raisin boxes
$2.00 – two bags of baby carrots
$2.99 – bag of four avocados
$2.99 – veggie turkey slices
$7.98 – two boxes of veggie buffalo wings (non frozen)
$3.00 – blueberries (non frozen)
$3.99 – vegetable mix
$3.50 – cheese whole wheat tortellini

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5 thoughts on “March Groceries — $169.90, now on my new Chase Freedom card”

  1. Do you have a Trader Joe's by you? Maybe you could try there. I've never paid $4 for tortellini at Trader Joe's. Also, not to be critical, but why did you spend $5 on liquid egg whites, as opposed to buying a dozen eggs for $2 and separating the eggs yourself? Even when I shop at Whole Foods, I don't spend over $100 a week for groceries for two of us, and we eat dinner at home almost every night and I take lunch to work. So if you are looking to cut back on this, it is definitely possible!

  2. Yes, I do. I've been there before. It does usually end up cheaper, but they don't have everything i want.The reason I bought liquid eggs is because they don't go bad as quickly as regular eggs. Because I live alone, I always end up wasting eggs if I buy a dozen. Maybe I should start buying regular eggs, but I'm also more likely to eat the eggs if I don't have to deal with cracking and separating them. I'm a lazy mofo. :)I purchased a lot of frozen dinners, which is probably why my bill is so high. But I tried to shop for all of March, not just the first week. The tortellini I bought has a few servings in it. My goal is to try to get through as much of the month on this food as possible. I'll probably need to buy more bread/milk/maybe eggs/produce maybe half way through, but I'd like to spend under $50 on my next grocery shopping trip. That would make my monthly grocery cost only $230 or so, which still comes in under budget.

  3. I totally agree about the liquid eggs–I always was throwing away like 8 or 9 eggs, but the egg whites last months and months.Frozen fruit is pricey too. Also agree about TJ not having everything. I still shop there, but sometimes i have to make a side trip to another store. Annoying

  4. Do you not eat protein, or did you already buy it for the month? If you think this will last you almost a month, then you did great! I buy chicken and ground beef (our most commonly-eaten proteins) at Costco and then package it into individual servings myself. It saves a lot of money, esp. on ground beef. And I totally understand spending a little more if it makes it more likely it will be used. I am pretty lazy when it comes to cutting up vegetables, so for a little while I bought pre-cut vegetables. Now I am just trying to be less lazy 🙂

  5. I eat fish, but not chicken or other meat. That explains the "no protein" situation on my shopping list. I did buy tofu (which is pricey) and fish (also pricey).

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