It’s None of My Business, But… Part 2.

So that friend I wrote about the other day… the one who is maxed out on her credit cards, works a part-time job and earns less than she spends more often than not… ended up accidentally chipping her tooth today. Besides it sucking that she now has a small chip in her tooth, the biggest problem is figuring how to pay to get it fixed. With no dental insurance, no room left on her credit card, and no emergency fund… well, I’m not sure how she’ll figure this one out.

As a friend, I really want to lend her the money to get it fixed. But I realize friendships can end badly the second money gets involved. So I’ll stay out of it. I figure her well-to-do boyfriend can help her out if worst came to worst.
Still, it’s times like these when I wish I could say “you know, if you put the money you spend on your 2-day trip to Los Angeles, and the shoes and sunglasses you got there, into an emergency fund, these awful accidents wouldn’t have to be that bad.”
Of course, I just hold my tongue. It’s not polite to say such things to friends.
It’s one thing if you are trying hard to be frugal and you’re in debt, its another if you’re just over spending when you’re making enough to live a comfortable life on your income. I don’t understand how people can do the latter. 
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One thought on “It’s None of My Business, But… Part 2.”

  1. Though, in the end, a brutal comment such as that can awaken a realization to them that will begin a change in their financial habits. She may be miffed at you for awhile, but obviously you are just trying to educate her and help her succeed in life.

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