2 thoughts on “Almost maxed out my Roth IRA, now where do I put my savings?”

  1. You should look into a Solo 401k or a SEP IRA if you feel you want to save more that is earmarked for retirement.I don't know much about them because i don't freelance, but i've heard them mentioned:http://www.kiplinger.com/columns/ask/archive/2007/q0801.htmIf you feel retirement is "covered", then your other ideas are good. Do you have some cash reserves already? The HSA seems important. How sure are you that you'll use money in the 529? Prioritize your goals so you know what you are saving for.

  2. What about a mutual fund directly with a mutual fund family, such as fidelity or Vanguard? I like the STAR account at Vanguard, which has a $1,000 minimum (as opposed to $3,000 minimum with other accounts) and seems to be a nice blended account for medium to long term investment. If you really want it to go for retirement look into a SEP IRA. In 2007 you could contribute up to $45,000 a year. This will also slash you taxes in the current year (like a Traditional IRA or 401K).

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