The Moment of Truth: Get Rich By Making Everyone Hate You

Fox’s newest reality/game show The Moment of Truth seems like a simple concept to begin with — tell the truth and you can with $500,000. How hard can that be?

Apparently, it’s really hard. The contestants are asked 50 questions on a lie detector test before going on the show, and then the show’s writers pick 21 questions to ask them on-air. They go up a pyramid of money, and the questions get harder the longer they stay in the game. Of course their friends, family and co-workers are present to give evil looks and make them feel bad for admitting things like they’ve cheated on their significant others, even if it was only with their eyes.

This show really tells a lot about our culture. These people are in complete control of their winnings. How far will they go – by telling the truth – to make money?

Luckily for Fox, most people won’t get to the really hard questions. Either they’ll lie (who knows why they think they can get away with it) or they’ll quick one they hit $100k. Not that $100k is a bad winnings, but it’s amazing that thus far the contestants haven’t gone all the way to $500k. I mean, if you’re signing up for this show, you obviously understand you’ll have to admit to 21 things that you probably don’t want to admit to.

What do y’all think of this show?

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4 thoughts on “The Moment of Truth: Get Rich By Making Everyone Hate You”

  1. I watched it a couple times… I can't believe people go on that show!!! I found it worse that the spouse/gf was there listening to all that stuff… It's definitely not worth the money, for me anyway…

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  3. Wow! I've never heard of that before – and I watch a lot of tv, so I'm surprised. Even though I don't have too much to hide, I don't think I would ever consider revealing all of my "secrets" on national television. Why does the world need to know everything about me? Imagine going anywhere and running into people who saw the show – a future boss, mortgage counselor, car salesperson, your kids' teacher, anyone!

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