My Boyfriend’s Birthday is Coming Up…

And I’m at a loss for what to get him.

The good news is that with the raise, I’ll be able to spend a decent sum of money on his gift without feeling like the expenditure is a completely irrational budget departure.

The bad news is that my raise won’t kick in until March 20, a few weeks after his birthday. I get paid once a month, fyi. I will get one more paycheck before his birthday for $3300. But $1050 of that has to go to rent, and $600 must go to my “for tax” ING account. That still leave me with about $1500 for the month. Even with my various bills, I could try to keep spending down really low and figure his birthday gift is worth more than any splurges I might partake in over the month.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that I still don’t know WHAT to get him.

I feel like I need to get him something amazing. I totally flaked on Valentine’s Day this year and got him, well, nothing. For Christmas I gave him a $100 gift certificate to a rollerblading store so he could buy a pair of Blades (he did and he seems to like them).

How do I get him something better than last year’s gift? Last year, I got him a Nintendo Wii. Without spending a zillion dollars, well, what do I get the boy?

He’s gotten me such great gifts over our dating tenure. An ipod nano and a Wacom digital drawing tablet. He got me a smaller gift for Hannukah… a food scale… I figure it cost $30 or something. But for Valentine’s Day he bought food for a home cooked dinner… fish and champagne. Again, I got him noting. Absolutely nothing.

So what do I get him this year? I have less than a month to figure this out. I love him more than anything and I know he’d be fine with me getting him dirt in the shape of a heart, but I want to give him more than that. I want to get him something he wouldn’t normally buy for himself. But what would that be? He’s so hard to shop for.

What do nerdy boys like?

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3 thoughts on “My Boyfriend’s Birthday is Coming Up…”

  1. Does he have Apple anything?Speakers? Apple Dock for the speakers? Wireless Apple Airport Extreme?An extra Apple battery for his macbook?Umm… any kind of accessories for his gadgets?A new keyboard? Mouse? external hard drive (you can never have enough external hard drives :P)

  2. "What do geeky guys want?"Is this a trick question?Geeky guys want what every guy wants.This is a little late for his birthday this year, but special occasions come up on a regular basis:1. Buy a garter belt and stockings.2. Wear it.During our courtship, my wife showed up on my doorstep wearing lingerie and a raincoat. When I answered the door, she took off the raincoat. Sixteen years later, and I still remember that "present."

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