What to do About This Cyst on My Head

A few months ago I went to see a dermatologist to find out about getting two dime-sized cysts on my head removed. From what I could tell, they were not cancerous or anything, they were just annoying me and potentially causing pressure on a nerve which would explain the headaches I had been getting.

When I went into the dermatologist, I had good health insurance – a PPO with a $250 deductible. She recommended a simple outpatient surgery to get the bumps off of my head and I agreed. I asked her if this would be covered by insurance and she said “I think it will be covered, don’t worry about it.” So I had the surgery done and all went well. She cut holes in my head, took out some gook, then stitched me up.

One month later I receive a $136 bill for the surgery (my insurance paid for some of it.) While I was hoping they’d pay for all of it since it was causing me headaches, I wasn’t too pissed about the extra charge. What I was (and still am) pissed about is that one bump was not completely removed. At first I thought it was just scar tissue, but within the two months since the operation, that bump has re-grown and actually gotten bigger.

I’d like to go back to the dermatologist to have her check it out (she can at least tell me if it’s normal for it to grow back, or maybe take it out again) but now I have a high deductible catastrophic insurance and I don’t want to pay $200 for a visit to have her check my head when the original surgery… that I still have to pay for… was supposed to get rid of the bumps entirely!

What should I do?

Edited to add: I called the doctor and was informed that it’s normal for these cysts to grow back and basically I just have to deal, or come in for another appointment. I wish the doctor told me about the odds of the cyst growing back before the surgery. I had read online that the cyst could grow back eventually, but I didn’t think it would happen right away.

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3 thoughts on “What to do About This Cyst on My Head”

  1. i don't think it is really uncommon for them to grow back–i beleive it happened to my sister. Maybe the doctor would speak to you over the phone for free, just to give you an idea? good luck!

  2. My sister also had a cyst (on her wrist, possibly related to her tennis playing) recur (several times) after having it drained–she finally had to have it chemically burned off, which seems to have gotten rid of it for good.

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