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“If your boss told you that you’d just won two years paid vacation, what would you do with the time?”From the blog of BankerGirl.

Oh gosh! Two years paid vacation would certainly be a luxury. A lot would depend on what I’d be getting paid during those two years. Assuming it would be a full-time salary of $50k, I’d probably work another job (hopefully making the same amount) during that time and invest the first $50k more aggressively, probably focusing on trying to buy a house or a condo.

What would you do?

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One thought on “Question of the Day — From BankerGirl’s Blog”

  1. I'm embarrassed that my first instinct was NOT to find another job and save even more…though of course it should have been! I would do some serious traveling. Probably I would immediately plan and takea six week trip from the south of Spain, to France, to Italy, and end in Greece.I'd then spend even more time not working, doing things like seriously developing my blog, fixing up my house/rental property, etc. If I still wasn't bored from not working after a month, I'd maybe try to write a book or look into starting a business.Probably after about 6 months I'd get another "regular" job. I'd like to try something totally random and unrelated to my industry (banking). There'd be no pressure to make a ton of money or fall in love with the job since you'd already be getting your old salary and you could always go back to your old job–but you might just discover your dream job!Of course you could always go to business school or something productive like that, too…

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