Monthly Income Goals

While sorting out my expenses is necessary in order to start saving money, I am going to try over the coming months to focus on my income. Here are my goals:

1. Startup / Part-Time Writing Gig: $3300
2. Marketing Company Writing Retainer: $400
3. Freelance for Magazine: $100
4. Freelance for Market Research Firm: $150
5. 5 hours per week for online news mag: $500
6. One Pro Bono (or Paid) Web Design Project: $0

Then there’s taxes. So I really won’t make that much. But ideally, that’s what I’d be bringing in, at minimum, each month.

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Income Goals”

  1. Angel: I make $3300 a month working at an internet startup. I do more than just writing for them, and I work 30+ hours per week. Still, it's largely a writing gig.It's my only real stable work. All the other things are jobs I hope to have each month. It's nice to know I'll take in at least $3300 (- taxes).

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