Bought a New Verizon Wireless Cell Phone

It’s funny how the cell phone companies make it seem like you get some extra special deal on buying a new phone every two years. I guess some people like to get replacements of their gadgets every two years, but I tend to hold on to my electronics for longer than that. My iPod? I don’t plan on replacing it for a long time. Heck, if it still works, I’ll use it when I’m 50.

But cell phones… dare I keep one longer than two years? Never. Well, the truth is this time around I actually lost my last phone (about a month ago) and despite being confused as to where on earth I put it, I’m splurging on a new, discounted-with-two-year-contract phone.

My tastes in gadgets (and everything else) tend to go by looks first, features second, quality third. That’s not always the best way to pick out a big-ticket item. Luckily with phones there aren’t that many options… which makes it somewhat easier to shop and decide.

Yesterday I checked out the latest Verizon phones at their Circuit City store and was hoping to fall in love with one that would be free after the rebate and my contract discount. Of course, I fall in love with one that will cost me $129 after the various discounts. Oh bother.

After trying to get my heart set on one of the cheaper phones, I did some research on the different phones and decided I really, really, realllly wanted the $129 one. At least this year I did research, right? Last time I got a Verizon brand phone and despite being black and shiny it was a crappy phone. This time around I’m going for an LG (that supposedly gets good battery life and decent phone quality).

Was I totally stupid to spend $129 on a phone when I could have got one for free (or perhaps even found my old one that’s likely hiding somewhere in my room… or at a friend’s house?)

I can’t wait to get the phone. I ordered it online, so it comes next week.

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3 thoughts on “Bought a New Verizon Wireless Cell Phone”

  1. Mmm, is that LG's version of the razor? That is the phone I want. I've always bought LG's and I love them. I lost my last phone and got a hand me down motorola slvr (free, so can't complain) but I want the skinny LG.Maybe price will drop by the time my contract is up…

  2. I have AT&T, but I've always been happy with the LGs I get from them. My current one is starting to have some trouble understanding when I hit certain buttons, so it might be time for me to upgrade soon too!

  3. I have an LG phone and it's been pretty good. I've had it for about 2 years. The phone before that I had for 3 years…and the phone before that was 2 years…I only switch phones because the old ones break…probably because I get the ones that are free or free after rebates….

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