Will Short Term Health Insurance Help?

I just applied for a short term health insurance plan. I put down that I want coverage for 72 days until March 1. I figure if I get approved, that will buy me some time to figure out how to get “real” health insurance. Ie – how I’m going to have to lie in order to get insured. I’m not sure if they’ll approve me for this short term insurance, but basically it’s $133 for those 72 days, and it will help me extend my period of continuous coverage for a while so I have some time to sort things out. I just wonder if HealthNet will approve me. Chances are I won’t even go to the doctor in the next 72 days, so they can just take my $133 and run with it.

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One thought on “Will Short Term Health Insurance Help?”

  1. I'm glad you're doing something about the health insurance. The idea of going without insurance is scary! You just never know when you'll need the catastrophic protection. Of course, no one expects to get hurt or sick, but even something as simple as slipping and breaking your arm can cost you a small fortune. I have a friend who accidentally let her son's coverage slip for a week because she moved and didn't update her address and missed a bill. Of course, in that week, he fell and broke his leg. Five years later, she is still making payments on that bill.

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