Well, Don’t I Feel Important?

This week I was interviewed for a Newsweek.com article on online personal finance sites like Mint, Wesabe, Geezeo, Yodlee and all the rest. I didn’t expect for my quote to end up in the lede. Ok, so here goes my anonymity, but I think it’s worth pointing to a personal finance article where I was quoted on my personal finance blog.

The thing is, my quote on there isn’t exactly right. It’s not wrong either, it’s just that I didn’t say “I’ll stick with that” when I was talking about Yodlee. I basically was saying that for now, I’m sticking with Yodlee because they have all the features I want. As soon as Mint ads the ability to track my mutual funds and such, I’ll go back to using that site. Actually, I still use that site, but I use Yodlee to keep track of my net worth since it’s interesting to see how my overall savings goes up or down depending on how the market is doing.

The funny thing is, Mint is powered by Yodlee’s back-end software, so they’re both very similar sites. It’s just that for one reason or another, Mint has yet to add Yodlee’s full functionality to its site. But I have a feeling they will at some point, and the day they do is the day I stop logging into Yodlee.

I wouldn’t mind so much that my quote says I’m going to stick with Yodlee, except I recently wrote this glowing review of Mint for a technology blog I used to work for — and I didn’t just change my mind. But if anyone read both articles, I’ll sound like a hypocrite. And no one likes a hypocrite.

Oh well.

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5 thoughts on “Well, Don’t I Feel Important?”

  1. How annoying. I would be irritated if they misquoted, even if in a small way.Cool that you were recognized in Newsweek though. Congrats!

  2. … in response to your post on my site… it's a bit sad to be misquoted but as a journalist myself I understand when quotes are shortened to fit into an article. It might not even have been the writer who changed it, lots of times an editor mucks around with quotes. I feel ok now that I wrote a response on the article page noting what I really meant. Sure, not everyone will get as far as reading the response, but the important thing is that the companies see it. I know they've all read what I've written about personal finance software before, I don't need them thinking that I'm so fickle.

  3. Thanks for your clarification on the quote, I saw your comment on the actual Newsweek article itself. Your feeling that we will add investment accounts is correct…It's coming soon

  4. the price of thrift: I'm not sure how they got in touch with me. I assume she either found me through one of the companies (I know a lot of their CEOs read my blog whenever I mention their company's name) or through my prior writing as a technology blogger. I should have asked her when she called, but I guess I'll never know.

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