November Expenses (as tabulated by Yodlee, Mint and Geezeo)

Yodlee tells me…

Rent: $1050
Other: $675
Clothing: $199.07
Telephone: $156.61?
Online Services: $136.20
Auto: $97.36
Health: $73.12
Cable: $62
ATM/Cash Withdrawls: $40
Gasoline: $31
Uncategorized: $927.47???

Mint tells me…

No Category: $2,216
Shopping: $891
Entertainment: $32
Healthcare: $35
Business Services: $104
Personal Care: $119
Food & Dining: $137
Auto: $198
Bills: $260

Total: $3992

But then… after I try to figure out why my expenses are so high for November, I find that the month is counting two month’s worth of rent (why is nov 1-nov 30 counting a check cashed on dec 7?)… so $1050 should be subtracted from that.

Geezeo Tells me…

(as far as I can tell there’s no easy way to pull up one month’s worth of transactions and find a category breakdown in Geezeo.)

Wesabe tells me…

I need to upload my bank statements for the past five months or so. Uh, no thank you. Why bother with uploading when all these other sites do it automatically?


In short, all of these online personal finance sites are still far from being perfect. I don’t need fancy social networking capabilities, I just want to be able to track my monthly spending (accurately). This would require the ability for me to go in and manually change the transaction date (or what month it should be reported as).

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2 thoughts on “November Expenses (as tabulated by Yodlee, Mint and Geezeo)”

  1. I've been messing with Mint and Yodlee for a few months now, and the inability to really change the details of the transactions throws me. I keep coming back to Microsoft Money, my old standard. But I'm hoping we see some improvements in these free services.

  2. Try using Buxfer. The categorization is not automatic, so you need to spend some time setting up your categories and applying them to relevant transactions, but the system will help you on the way. After this one-time setup, pretty much everything is automatic, and *exactly* as you want it to. You can assign any transaction to any category you wish, and get meaningful reports. Give it a try!

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