Cue the Trump Theme Song

I didn’t expect this blog to bring in any extra pay, but I put up some Google Ads to see if I could make some extra cash off of those. Income from the Google Ads turns out to be really random. Some days I’ll get a lot of clicks and other days they’ll be worthless. I think a lot of people are just so numb to Adsense ads these days. I don’t blame them. Then again, if I see an in site ad that is interesting to me on someone else’s site, I often click the ad. Rarely does it amount to me making a purchase on whatever it is the advertiser is selling, but I’ve visited sites that I found through advertising before.

Anyway, I’ve been contacted by a few advertisers lately who want to put ads on my page. I’m flattered, really. It’s certainly encouragement to keep up on this blog, as apparently there is some value to write all there is to know about my oh-so-exciting personal finances. Thus far one ad has gone up, and I’m currently in talks with a few other advertisers that may or may not work out.

This post, though, is to note that as of today, I’ve made my first successful ad sale for this site. I’m amazed, because I wasn’t even fishing for advertisers yet. I mean, I planned to later down the line when I had the site actually looking good and more content that would be useful to people. Right now, this blog has kind of turned into my quasi-anonymous bitch fest with a few useful entries splattered about. I really want to change that and make this site more about looking at what I’ve learned about personal finance and job hunting, and help others with what I know.

I’m not really sure how many readers I have right now. I get a decent amount of traffic, but according to my feed reader button only 13 people have signed up for my feed. I say “only,” but really I think it’s pretty cool that 13 ‘strangers’ are reading my blog on a fairly regular basis. My public blog, which is now mostly friends only, has tons of readers… but it’s over on livejournal and any money made from adsense ads there goes directly to LJ. I do like how Blogger seems to be pretty open to advertising, or at least splitting ad revenue with bloggers. What have they got to lose? Google makes most of the money from Adsense anyway. But I don’t mind that. At least I feel like I have the opportunity to control whether I want ads on my site, and if I do, make some money from them. I mean, enough to buy a few cups of Starbucks per month.

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4 thoughts on “Cue the Trump Theme Song”

  1. Hey, I'm a stranger reading your blog (I guess; I get it through I'm also starting/just started my own personal finance blog ( Trying to learn (and share) all I can about the topic.

  2. I love google AdSense. I have received a few checks from them. I was $5 short of getting a check this month, but already I have exceeded the $100 threshold and will get at least $119. What a great way to get my debts paid off. If only I could get the full $13,000 I owe, so that I could finally become debt free. Once I make it, I promise, I will be "Debt Free 4ever."

  3. ryan: I'll have to check out your blog.savingdiva: thanks! I agree. I haven't made a whole lot yet, but it's just fun to see that I can make anything after I've been blogging for years on sites that put up their own advertising.the princeofthrift: wow, you're doing really well with adsense. I'll have to check out your site and see what you do that makes you so successful. 🙂

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