Got into the Mint beta!

However, I’m sworn to secrecy about its inner workings. But I will say – extremely vaguely – that I’m very excited to see what the Mint team has done. There’s a few kinks that still need to be worked out, of course – that’s to be expected in private beta, but I have a feeling Mint will end up winning me over amongst all the PF sites out there (I’ve also used Wesabe and Geezeo thus far.)

If you want your own invite, go over to and ask for one yourself. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Got into the Mint beta!”

  1. We're glad you're liking Mint so far! And we really appreciate you're not posting any screenshots or going into depth about the service :)Mya: As mentioned, we just don't want any screenshots or in-depth blog posting. We hope you're liking Mint so far.If you guys find any bugs, or have any suggestions and recommendations, please feel free to leave feedback within the beta. We read all our emails!

  2. It sounds like it might be convenient, but I'd still be a bit nervous about anything that requires giving account information and passwords to a third party. On the other hand, I was nervous about the idea of internet banking at fist but am now a big fan of online savings accounts. When will you be allowed to tell us more about how you like Mint?

  3. Mint only downloaded accounts that were checking/savings from my credit union (not my credit card and home equity). Also, downloaded transactions all said POS Debit, not where the spending was occurring.Geezeo did all of these effortlessly.So far Geezeo is winning, but I hope Mint can work this out.Sean.

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