15 Ideas for a Better Personal Finance Site: My Big Hopes for Geezeo, Wesabe, Mint

I’m still going back and forth between Wesabe and Geezeo. I’m curious to see what Mint has up its sleeves. For the time being, the sites don’t offer exactly what I want. Since I don’t have the time or skills to code my own perfect PF site, I figured I’d write out what the site would be like…

1. Sign In – would auto save my name, securely, on my computer.

2. Accounts – site would automatically update all of my accounts, including checking, savings, CD’s, and mutual fund accounts.

3. Graphs: Home Page would display relevant graphs/charts regarding my monthly spending versus income. Detailed graphs would be available to customize. For instance, I could place a graph on my homepage that would chart my monthly gas spending.

4. Tagging: each item would auto tag accurately as close as possible.

5. Tagging, part two: Retagging (or adding more tags) to items on a statement should be easy, and not require any additional drop down windows. Each item should include an entry text box where tags can be added. Each tag would autosave after a space is inserted. Double word tags would not require quotation marks. Tags would be separated by commas.

6. There would be a way to alter the date posted for income/spending since often I deposit my checks late or pay bills late. I still want to track these payments/income based on the month they should be posted for.

7. Graphics: Have little images for each basic tag.

8. Have separate tag/box to mark as “to be reimbursed” and a reminder to check that reimbursement has gone through

9. Optional income breakdown chart, for those of us who earn money from a variety of sources

10. Comparison on mutual fund income/losses versus other user’s investments.

11. Easy mobile access to my accounts.

12. Ability for all the accounts to “understand” each other. So if I transfer a certain amount of money from checking to an investment, it is not posted as spending for the month (it can be counted in separate investment category)

13. Budget tools: Ability to create charts w/ predetermined expenses, to know how much extra cash to spend/save per month is available.

14. Ability to pay bills directly through site, including cell phone bill and cable bill (I know this is a long shot, but It’d be nice)

15. Widgets and graphic saves that include graphs of above information that can be easily pasted in my blog.

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2 thoughts on “15 Ideas for a Better Personal Finance Site: My Big Hopes for Geezeo, Wesabe, Mint”

  1. Wow, This is great feedback. Thanks! I think we're going to be able to deliver on a bunch of these items very soon. Here's where we are….1. Sign in – Will have2. Accounts – Other loan types and brokerage within a couple weeks, maybe sooner.3. Graphs – Working on improving and adding graphs. Thanks for the specificity in needs4. Tagging – Working on improving5. Taggin2 – Good feedback, we're working on some user interface stuff now. We'll add this to usability improvements6. Income – Could be a variable field. First time we've had this request so will need to weigh feature value for all users7. Graphics – Everyone loves icons 🙂 we'll be adding more8. Reimbursed – Probably not something we'll add in the short term.9. Income breakdown – Great idea. We'll add to charting and viewing options10. Investment comparison – This is an interesting idea. We're still flushing our how deep we go on investment analytics. So many brokers do a great job at this already. 11. Mobile – Have it…will get even better12. Movement between accounts – We're working on this now (It's on the list fo things to fix).13. Budgets – You will be able to set targets and track your progress within different spending categories. We really want users to create spending/cashflow goals rather then fixed budgets. Most people fail at budgeting so we want to make sure we provide enough functionality to see where you need to improve, set targets to better your financial situation and avoid the ridgedness most budgeting tools offer.14. Bill Pay – not a short term feature, but may be something we consider. We see money movement between accounts as a great step out opportunity.15. Widgets – We can't get to them fast enough 🙂 We've got some great ideas for widgets!Thanks again for the valuable feedback. I hope my reply gives you some insight into Geezeo's product development efforts. Please feel free to contact me directly at pglyman at geezeo dot com, if you have any additional questions. Pete GlymanGeezeo, Co-Founderhttp://www.geezeo.com/profile/pglyman

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