The Markets Are Doing Crappy, eh?

I watched my money in my Vanguard account gain about $300 and then lose $400 in the past month. Today was the worst. It was apparently the worst day on the stock market since Sept 11. Oy. Maybe I picked the wrong time to start investing.

“Worries that have been out there for the past couple of years are coming to a head right now,” said investment strategist Edward Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research Inc., told the Associated Press. “It’s show time.”

Show time?!? Um. Should I be worried?

While I’m starting to be ok with the fluctuations in the markets, it’s STILL tough to lose money. I’d prefer to make money first, and then if I end up losing what I made through my investments, that’s fine. I just don’t like being under what I put in. And right now I put in $5000 into my mutual fund and $4000 into my Roth IRA. And now I’m at $8839.20. I realize that tomorrow that might be at $9010, or it might be at $7000. I’m a little nervous. This is kind of a test, I guess. But I really ought to balance out my investments a bit better. The rest of my cash is stored safely in low-interest CDs. Watching my investment turn from $9000 to $9300 was really exciting. But that excitement was short lived. I’m trying really hard to stick it out a year. I’m hoping that my money will have, um, made money by June 2008.

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2 thoughts on “The Markets Are Doing Crappy, eh?”

  1. You are young. Don't look at your money when the market is down. You should be putting more money in while prices are lower. Just ignore the market until we return to record territory. The DOW should be at 15,000 by December. Think of the money you will miss out on if you pull out now.

  2. I'm hoping my 401(k) money gets into my account before the prices start to rise again. It is interesting watching it go up and down–I'd never watched as carefully as I have the last couple of months, and it is very disheartening to watch it drop so far so fast; but it's also fun to watch it rise!Hang in there.

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