Sitting on the floor of a parking garage; goodbye $165

I have a brilliant talent for making my life miserable. I decided to drive into the city today and park in my free spot by the office, which was a good 30 minute walk from the conference I was attending downtown. That all went fine, and despite being upset about my loafers not being the most comfortable walking shoes, I felt proud of saving the few extra bucks it would have cost to take the train or park closer.

Then what do I do? I manage to lose my car key. Yes, somehow during the course of the day my key fell off of the key chain and well, long story short, I do not have a car key.

There goes $165 (or more) plus three hours of my life that i’ll never get back.

I can deal with the wasted hours. But the $165? So much for my payraise.

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6 thoughts on “Sitting on the floor of a parking garage; goodbye $165”

  1. Ack! Have you already spent the money on a new key? The reason I ask is sometimes, if you head to a dealership, you can find someone sympathetic to your plight and they will get you a new key for free. I went through losing a key last year and I called the dealership (on a Sunday at that), talked with someone, went to said dealership with VIN number and proof I owned the truck in question, and I had my key in five minutes, no payment required.Good luck hun!

  2. I'm sorry you lost your key! I hope everything worked out. I used to have two plastic spare key cards from AAA which I kept in my wallet and at home for backup. It saved me a lot of money when I left the key in the car.Are you able to get a spare one such as a plastic key card type from the dealership or from one of those membership programs?

  3. Those plastic card keys don't work for new cars. (2000 or newer, depending on the car brand) Most newer remote control keys now have a microchip that is required to open or start your car. This also means that a locksmith can't make you a new key. You are forced to go only to the dealership, which lets them gouge you on the price, since they know you have no other option. Sometimes you will luck out and find someone sympathetic at a local dealership that will cut you a break (mine weren't free, but they were less than half of what they could have been), but in general, car keys are kind of a horrible monopoly at the moment.

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