Personal Finance Online: Geezeo versus Wesabe

I was Googling “personal finance widgets” when I found myself stumbling on two personal finance network startups. I found Geezeo first, and then through minimal research found out about its competitor Wesabe. The process to sign up for Geezeo was much easier, so for the time being I plan on using that site to explore the world of online personal finance social networking.

While I haven’t had a chance to surf around the site yet, thus far I easily imported my checking and credit card account information to my main page. I’m a little nervous about throwing my banking passwords at any web startup, as I’m sure while 99 percent of them have the best intentions, any little error in security could equate to a depletion of my bank accounts. And that would be so not cool.

In any case, I’m really tired of dealing with Bank of America’s “My Portfolio” tools — which have so many bugs they’re actually discontinuing the feature. Now that I’m attempting to move some funds over to a Roth IRA and Vanguard Index Fund again (the first attempt fell through, I guess I didn’t enter my checking account in correctly) it would be nice to track everything in one spot.

My biggest qualm with Geezeo at the moment is that they don’t support brokerage accounts yet… so for now, I can’t actually access my Vanguard or CD accounts. They’re obviously working to enable this feature soon, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient. At some point my patience will run thing and I’ll check out Wesabe.

On another note, what’s up with the names of these sites? Maybe they have some deeper meaning, but I’m confused. “Geezeo,” what’s that about? It makes me think of some old geezer. If anything, I do get a general idea of being a poor old geezer, and wanting to save for retirement. Meanwhile “Wesabe,” which likely means something in another language, just brings to mind the hot green sauce that comes alongside Sushi. And what does that have to do with personal finance? Is it because Sushi is so gosh darn expensive? 🙂

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One thought on “Personal Finance Online: Geezeo versus Wesabe”

  1. Hey There! Thanks for checking out Geezeo and I'm glad to hear that for the most part you're digging the site. We will be lighting up brokerage accounts very soon, probably within the next 6 weeks. So please stick with us :)We would love for you to feel comfortable adding your bank info. We don't store your un/pw info and the site and transmission of data is very secure. If you would like to learn more about the steps we take to secure your data, I would love for you to speak directly with our CTO, Theron "Sonny" Parlin.As far as the name goes…It's pronounced "Jee-z-o". It's a little bit of a stretch but we took the term "G's" (as in I have 5 G's in my pocket), spelled it "Geez" and added the "eo". So there you have it, the origin of the name Geezeo :).."keep the Geez in your pocket"More great features to come so keep checking back and feel free to email me directly at pglyman[at]geezeo[dot]comThanks again for checking out Geezeo! Oh Yea…Widgets soon to follow!

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