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10 Things Not to Do on a Job Interview

I’m terrible at interviewing for jobs. My hands get all clammy, I start to have heart palpitations, and somehow the words come out of my mouth all wrong. I leave the interview wondering what I could have done better, and wishing I could have feedback from the interviewer to improve my skills in the future.

Lately, though, I’ve been in the position to interview candidates for roles at my company. I’ve been surprised by how poorly some candidates interview, despite their impressive experience. There are a few trends I’ve noticed during interviews that make an otherwise qualified applicant score lower. Here are 10 things not to do on a job interview.

1. DON’T spend five hours telling me about how your last gig was a nightmare.
Your last/current company sucks/sucked. I get it. That’s why you’re applying for a new job. ‘Duh. It amazes me how some job applicants, when I ask them why they’re interested in this job and our company, spend a good amount of time rambling about how crappy their current/last job is without even mentioning the role they are applying for. Sorry, but you’re going to be stuck at crappy company for a lot longer.

2. DON’T say you’re here because a recruiter sent you.
Congrats, you’ve been pushed to the top of the interviewee pile by a capable recruiter who convinced you to consider this opportunity. But, wait, you really don’t know anything about the company and aren’t sure why you’re here to begin with? Don’t waste either of our time. It’s perfectly fine to come into the interview with intelligent questions about the business, it’s not ok to act like you’re holier than thou and you aren’t sure why you’re interviewing for this role to begin with. Just go home. Waste someone else’s time. Continue reading 10 Things Not to Do on a Job Interview