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#InspireHerMind – Ad to Get More Girls into STEM

I’m a huge fan of the latest pushes to get more girls into STEM. Google’s Girls Who Code project, which they recently invested $50M into, is one of the many projects going on across the country to make engineering more attractive to young girls across the country. Today, a viral ad came out which rubbed some people the wrong way, but tried to make a clear point. Girls are often raised to keep clean, stay away from experiments, be cautious, and this is why while 40% of girls say they like math and science in 4th grade, only 18% of engineers are female (watch the ad for yourself below.)

While the math in the ad doesn’t exactly add up (not everyone who likes math and science will become an engineer… there are a lot of other jobs where math is valued in financial services, medical fields, etc), the core point is something that I’m glad is being raised. I often wonder if I was born 20 years later, would even I be an engineer? Well, maybe not.

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