Networth Check – September 2015

My networth – like everyone else’s – has taken a beating over the past month. I figure between the additional investments and loses I’m down about $16k in a month, which is a lot to stomach, but I’m starting to manage riding the waves of the stock market with some sort of zen. What goes down must come up, right? When the stock market goes down, I’m following my one and only investing principal – spend less and invest more now. If it goes down more, do this even more. I like buying my stock on sale.


Including my car and a bunch of worthless stock options that I’ll likely take a big hit on next year, my networth is $352,316. That’s a far cry from my 2015 goal of $400k, but still a significant increase from 2014. Given the way the past two years could have shaped out, I’m content with where I am now. If I can manage to keep myself gainfully employed for the next year and the stock market  doesn’t totally crash, I should be able to get to $400k by the end of 2016 (age 33.)

This plan seems a bit more reasonable, giving me a couple years of the $50k increase YoY before bumping up my annual savings to $75k (all of this is including stock market growth as well.)

33 – $400k
34 – $450k
35 – $500k
36 – $575k
37 – $650k
38 – $725k
39 – $800k
40 – $875k
41 – $950k
42 – $1.025M
43 – $1.100 M
44 – $1.2M
45 – $1.3M
46 – $1.4M
47 – $1.5M
48 – $1.6M
49 – $1.7M
50 – $1.8M
51 – $1.9M



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