How and When to Give Back: Charity & Philantrophy

During this period of unemployment I know that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to have an emergency fund and a chunk of networth in the bank to pull from should shit continuously hit the fan. Many of my friends say I’m too focused on money and that I shouldn’t be so obsessed with it. Even my friends who make good money seem to think I’m too obsessed with it. Maybe I am but I know that for me having goals and working towards them is the only way to achieve success.

That said, now that I’m 30/almost 31 / I have taken so much from the world and not really given back. What makes me happiest? Well, I love when I can buy a meal for a friend who I know couldn’t afford to splurge otherwise. If I had the money I wouldn’t spend it on designer clothes but instead on taking my friends on a vacation every year so we could experience the world together. Granted, that’s not actually charity, that’s just being a rich and somewhat giving friend. What I do want to do in my 30s is figure out how to be a more charitable person without blowing my savings plans or long-term financial goals.

Donating to charity always seemed to detached from actually helping people. Sure cash is cash and charities of all types can use the money. Meanwhile there are charity ratings and such so of course I can put my money somewhere it will actually help people… I just haven’t been the type to give yet. With some of the numbers I’m talking with potential jobs, especially when I get into what I could earn if I overachieve my objectives, I can either just actually start a fund for a down payment, or I can split it up and put some of my earnings to charity. I also think I’d probably work even harder knowing that after a certain point every extra cent could be used to help an organization I believe in. It’s a part of my life that has been missing, esp given I’m not a religious person, and one I want to pick up on now that I seem to be entering the junior big leagues of executive pay.

This video was especially inspiring:

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How do you figure out how much of your income each year you give to charity? Which organizations do you support? I’m going to do some research and figure out who I can help. I’m definitely interested in charities that focus on domestic violence, single mothers, children’s rights, et al. I don’t really want to give to my college even though I’m sure they’d love me if I did, but we paid so much to that damn school already. What organizations are best for charity? I’d like to get more involved in an org but I won’t really have time so prob need to find one where giving money is my primary contribution.

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